Yasmin Boland

Living with the moon

– World famous astrologist from the popular moonology.com
– Discover how to connect to the moon and the cosmos
– Beautiful rituals and practices for every moon phase

Astrologist Yasmin Boland knows how to share her vast astrological knowledge in an accessible way. She’s conviced about one thing: once you know how to tune in to the moon’s energy, your life will change. Understanding the cycles of the moon, means understanding yourself on a much deeper level. Whenever you want to change something -whether it’s about your health, your inner peace, your relationships or work – you can work with the moon phases.

Boland’s fascination with how the moon affects our lives, started almost 20 years ago as a hobby. Her discoveries struck her so much that she made astrology into a profession. Her clear advice on ‘living with the moon’ is read by millions of people every week.

Quote: ‘By working with the moon, you liberate the inner power you were born with to manifest your life. Just try it!’

Present: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Especially interested if you’re into: personal growth, life choices, intuition, female energy, the now age, astrology, moon, mysticism, nature

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