Tijn Touber

A journey along the 7 chakras

– An initiation in seven steps
– Meditative concert with sounds, songs and insights
– Close your eyes and surrender

Musician and meditation teacher Tijn Touber is at the Happinez Festival with a special, new meditative concert. Together with his partner Binkie, Tijn developed a journey in which each of the seven chakras is initiated by means of songs, sounds and meditation from several spiritual traditions. Tijn explains the seven universal initiations, with insights on the stages of human development. A concert that will point the way to freedom and happiness. All you have to do is sit back, close your eyes and travel with Tijn in this adventure.

Quote: ‘You can keep inventing yourself, over and over again’

Present: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Dutch speaking

Especially interesting if you’re into: music, meditation, personal growth, the now age, mysticism

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