Marianne Power

What does it mean to be happy?

– Author of the bestselling Help Me!
– The things self-help books can teach you
– Second chance if you missed her talk at Lowlands Festival

What happens if you live according to the insights of self-help books for a year? Marianne Power was thirty-something, tired of hangovers and Netflix marathons, when she decided it was time for a change. That’s why she started reading self-help books, a different one every month. Classics like The Secret and The Power of Now, and new ones.

So, did all her dreams come true? Marianne wrote a wise and very funny book about it: Help Me! What started out as an experiment, became a serious, touching adventure. In her ‘self-help year’, Power stumbled upon big subjects. What is happiness, really? And what’s really important in life? Her book was published in numerous countries, film rights have been sold. Marianne Power is honest, funny and touches a nerve.

Quote: ‘Now I realized that, no matter how scared I was of being rejected, I didn’t get rejected all that much – simply because I had always done what I could to avoid it: in my work, with friends, in my love life’

Present: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

English speaking

Especially interesting if you’re into: self-help, personal growth, finding your path, life choices

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