Jonathan Lehmann

Diary of a happiness tourist

– From Wall Street lawyer to world traveller
– Discovered the power of vipassana
– The male version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

On paper, he had everything his heart desired: a job at a prestigious New York law firm, a work hard, party hard life style. Yet something bothered him… an empty feeling. Lehman discovered the great thinkers and spiritual masters, and it led to a big step: he got on a plane to India for a vipassana retreat. Ten days of complete and utter silence. It was the start of a spiritual ramble, from tantra to ashrams, from gurus to mystical experiences. Candidly, he shares what he learned during his travels and what inspires him. Jonathan is described as ‘Mark Manson meets Elizabeth Gilbert’.

Quote: ‘After the meditation, I walk down the stairs outside the pyramid. Around me there are dozens of other happiness tourists in burgundy robes, walking in silence. The day has started in Pune. The fresh green nature vibrates. It feels like I took a new drug. It’s hard to describe it. Something’s bubbling inside of me.’

Present: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

English speaking

Especially interesting if you’re into: travelling, meditation, personal growth, finding your path, life choices

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