Jessica Graham

Mindful sex coach

– American actress and bestselling author
– Tips and tricks for mind blowing sex
– Real love, real attention

American actress, model, writer and spiritual leader Jessica Graham explains how she discovered that meditation could improve her sex life tremendously. It didn’t happen overnight: when she was young, she often closed her eyes during sex, or only had the guts to really connect when drunk. When she was thirty years old, she discovered meditation, and found out how it affected her sex life. She calls it her awakening: there and then, she got ‘switched on’ in bed. It’s a feeling she thinks every one of us deserves. Especially in the #metoo era, Jessica conveys a positive message: sex can be great, as long as you have it with an equal, like-minded person, if you keep looking each other in the eye and stay in the moment.

Quote: ‘Your mind is your most important sexual organ. Your sexuality is a gift that you need to keep unpacking throughout your whole life. It’s not until you manage to be truly present in the moment, that you have laid the foundations for good sex.’

Present: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

English speaking

Especially interesting if you’re into: sex, meditation, love, relationships, conscious living, personal growth, female energy

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