Anselm Grün

A monk’s wisdom

– Experience the serenity of the monastery
– Morning prayer
– Ancient wisdom for our times

No one is more ‘monk-ish’ than Anselm Grün: long habit, long hair, beard, gentle voice. However, this benedict monk may have a modest appearance, he is one of the most famous teachers of his time. Grün is very worldly and talks about spirituality in a clear and inspiring manner. He studied intense eastern meditation techniques and psychology, and developed a magnanimous, open vision on conscious living. He wrote lots of books, on leadership (Grün leads his big monastery as a CFO), on silence, courage, meditation, time, change and all other big human themes. We’re proud to have him at the Happinez Festival, where he will share his wisdom and his ‘sacred morning prayers’.

Quote: ‘True happiness is a gift we can find in ourselves. Happiness is joy.’

Present: Saturday and Sunday

English speaking

Especially interesting if you’re into: silence, mysticism, meditation, conscious living, personal growth

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