Andrea Owen

How to stop feeling like shit

– It’s time for more courage and self-esteem
– Educated in The Daring Way, developed by Brené Brown
– Life is lighter without your inner critic!

Pleasing other people, listening to your inner critic, an ineradicable perfectionism – does it sound familiar? Many women are stuck in persistent patterns. They try to navigate through life the best they can, but it’s hard work to keep all these plates spinning…

American Andrea Owen knows all about it. In her bestselling book How To Stop Feeling Like Shit, she tells a vulnerable story about her own struggle with perfectionism and the tendency to diminish herself – or act tougher than she felt. The good news: it’s possible to break these habits, and free yourself from ineradicable convictions. It’s time for more courage and self-esteem, because life smiles at you. In her talk at the festival, Andrea shares both her personal insights and her uplifting advice.

Quote: ‘I hope I can motivate you to open your heart and mind to a new outlook on power and resilience. To accept and acknowledge everything about you and your situation, the tough and the great things.’

Present: Friday and Saturday

Especially interesting if you’re into: personal growth, coaching, life choices, female energy

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